Clare Price

Independent Director

I was a barrister in England for 28 years, focussed on dispute resolution by negotiation or in court. My work required critical analysis of challenging factual and legal issues and decisive leadership, along with building positive, but questioning, interpersonal relationships with other professionals and clients. More recently, I have operational experience of running my own company. I use this unique combination of skills to bring transparency to corporate governance, and to preserve investor and shareholder value.

Miss Price serves as an independent director at Calderwood based in the UK. Her legal background and extensive disputes experience leads her to focus on board appointments for companies in or facing potential distress, corporate governance or regulatory compliance issues. She contributes impartiality, objective understanding and independent critical judgment and oversight to corporate governance, ensuring transparency and preserving value for the benefit of investors and shareholders.

Miss Price worked as a barrister in London for 28 years specialising in high value professional liability claims and regulatory matters. Her work was focussed on resolving disputes, before trial if possible or in court if not. She has appeared in courts and tribunals at all levels in England. During that time, she also chaired 5 Independent Inquiries, producing reports and recommendations on improvements to the provision of NHS mental health services.

She has business and operational experience through running her own company and is also on the Board of Governors of an independent preparatory school in the UK. Miss Price holds an LLB (First Class Honours) from King’s College, London (KCL) and an LLM from the University of Cambridge.